Transactional Email Solutions

Reliable And Flexible Transactional Email Delivery Which You Can Implement Easily.

You always need a smart and efficient mode to interact with your customers, whether you are designing apps for mobile or the web. Email is still one of the most valuable communication forms for connecting with your customers. However, developing and sustaining an SMTP infrastructure on your own can be expensive and challenging.

Better Email Delivery

 Enhance engagement of your subscribers by maximizing your email deliverability with our leading cloud-based email delivery platform. The Nordicenter platform offers the following to make sure that all your emails get delivered-
  • Dedicated or shared IP addresses
  • IP reputation scoring
  • Email authentication (DKIM, DMARC & SPF)
  • Outbound spam monitoring
  • ISP feedback loops
  • Many more

Simple & Easy Integration

We offer you flexible SMTP and Web APIs, along with easy-to-use SMTP relay set-up which enables you to adopt the best and most effective integration technique for your setting.
  • Support for several development frameworks like Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django, CodeIgniter and CakePHP
  • Availability of code samples and libraries
  • Get in depth statistics with Parse APIs and additional Event APIs and upload email content to social media and web applications automatically

Hassle-Free Template Editing

Allow your designers and marketers to manage transactional email content properly as you concentrate on your app. The transactional email solutions offered by Nordicenter help to cut overhead for delivering templated emails.
  • Effortlessly edit template code with HTML and CSS
  • Improve and activate current templates with no direct edits to codebase
  • Sample multiple device layouts with our responsive editor
  • Easy and simple implementation

Reporting And Analytics In Real-Time

Get useful information regarding your email’s performance with our statistics dashboard and Event API.
  • Monitor email sends, opens, bounces, deliveries, unsubscribes, clicks, category use, spam reports and more in real-time
  • Develop personalized reports on ISP, email category, device-type, timeframe and geography
  • Access insight for better customization and flexibility

Email Delivery Encrypted & Secure

We use strategic TLS encryption to send all emails, provided that the mail servers of your recipients are configured to sustain TLS. Hence, your emails are protected from modification or interception. In case your recipient’s ISP does not support TLS encryption, your emails are delivered via Nordicenter’s strong infrastructure.
  • Authenticates sender and validates content and sender are planned.
  • Secures server-to-server connection and protects all aspects of email sent
  • Automatizes on sign up. No additional cost.

Exceptionally Scalable Infrastructure

Don’t be worried about scaling email infrastructure. Nordicenter is here to help. We deliver hundreds of millions of transactional, promotional and mobile emails each month. Our expert team offers you highest email deliverability than any other cloud-based provider. Nordicenter’s strong infrastructure includes a smartly managed datacenter as well as a combination of cloud hosting services. We offer you –
  • Limitless scalability
  • Top-notch reliability, security and availability
  • No software or hardware charges

A Complete Platform

Nordicenter allows you deliver transactional, promotional and mobile email messages directly from one platform. Now there is no need to deal with different vendors and waste money. Combine all your email delivery needs with us. We support-
  • Email marketing newsletters
  • Email alerts and notifications (trigger-based)
  • Reminders for passwords
  • Purchase confirmations

Live Support

All of our plans provide world-class customer support. Nordicsender’s team of highly skilled experts is available 24/7 to respond to your calls and solve all your issues.
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Phone, Email And Chat Support
  • Online Support Portal